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The Comfy massage cushion is unique, due to the fact that it is a real, soft cushion with a fully integrated massage system on the inside.


The exterior is made of soft, suede-like furniture fabric made of microfiber, making the Comfy cushion very easy to use in any sofa or chair.


The mechanism has been developed in such a way that a comfortable massage is obtained for several muscle groups of the body. The circulation is stimulated in a pleasant, relaxing way and the heads of the massage system become slightly warm over time.


The cushion is supplied complete, including the adapter and shipped free of charge.

Comfy Kissen

CHF 149.00Preis
  • Energy consumption 20 watts

    Weight 1500 grams

    Dimensions 400 x 120 x 400 mm

    Current input DC 12V 220V (with adapter)

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